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Managing The Finances Of Health Care Systems - 899 Words

Managing the finances of Health Care Systems, Inc. has taken center stage in enhancing the efficiency and success of this vast enterprise. The healthcare industry as a whole has changed dramatically since the evolution of the Affordable Care Act. The adoption of Medicare’s coding system for efficient billing coupled with the use of Electronic Medical Records are examples of the major transformation taking place within Health Care Systems, Incorporated. Moreover, the role of finance at Health Care Systems Inc. has received a new face to focus on basic functions such as Pooling of Resources, Revenue Collection as well as Purchase of Interventions. Pooling of resources entails accumulation and proper management of revenues in order for members of the pooled funds to share a combined health risks, hence shielding the individual member from vast unprecedented health expenditures. Payment allows the pool members to settle their average expected costs before due, consequently relievi ng them from uncertainty in addition to assurance of compensation in case of occurrence of a loss. Pooling combined with payment aids in developing insurance structure and redistribution of health spending among high and low-income individuals and high and low-risk individuals. Revenue collection is all about raising money from households and businesses as well as external sources while purchasing is all about sourcing for goods and services from private and public providers. These three financialShow MoreRelatedFuture Challenges for Healthcare Management716 Words   |  3 PagesFuture Challenges for Health Care Management The scope of health care management encompasses administrating how services get delivered to patients, persons delivering services, locations to which services get delivered, and the financing of all involved procedures. In these, institutions like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, public hospitals, and private clinics get involved. At the same time, groups of service providers and associations play instrumental roles in controlling the quality ofRead MoreA Brief Note On The Country Of Malawi968 Words   |  4 Pagesline. Heath care services in Malawi are provided through two main sources: the federal and local government and the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM). â€Å"CHAM provides 37% percent of total healthcare in Malawi, including 85% percent of the care in rural areas†. CHAM essentially functions as the umbrella healthcare organization for over 160 health facilities, ranging from outpatient centers to 200 bed hospitals. This is inclusive of health posts, community/rural hospitals, health centers, asRead MoreThe Role Of Finances For Health Care Systems1507 Words   |  7 PagesThe role of finances for health care systems Inc. will be for managing the business’s finances. This ensures having cash available for expenses to ensure the business stays afloat and to ensures there is cash to provide a cushion for any costs that come up unexpectedly. Ensuring that the finances are managed means the company can make plans to ensure the future of the company (Brumley, 2015) and utilize the resources of the company to ensure its running at peak proficiency. The primary users forRead MoreCase Study of Prostitution1406 Words   |  6 PagesJob analysis Finance Division Job profile Has overall responsibility and accountability for providing direction in the area of treasury services, accounting services, or procurement services. This position has discretion in establishing overall operating policies and procedures for assigned   QUALIFICATIONS Bachelors Degree in accounting, finance, business administration or related field. Relevant experience may substitute for the degree requirement on a year-for-year basis. Eight years of progressivelyRead MoreFinance Department Is Responsible For Managing The Mco s Money837 Words   |  4 Pages enable’s the entire managed care organization to look for areas the need improving within the organization. Overall, it is the duty of the member services to provide the management of member issues, provide proactive outreach to members and asserting the level of their customers’ satisfaction. The above duties are executed in collaboration with other departments within the MCO. Finance The finance department is responsible for managing the MCO’s money. The finance department has the responsibilityRead MoreThe Health Care System Of The United States Essay792 Words   |  4 Pagessuch as how providers receive payments and deliver services. As American care providers navigate the baby boomer patient era, talent demand is increasing and shifting from hospitals to long-term facilities. The Rapid Senior Patient Population Expansion Caregiving institutions are bracing for an influx of almost 75 million aging baby boomers. [1] As around three million individuals retire every year over the next two decades, care providers modify their practices to accommodate demand. Although theRead MoreA Report On A Hospital Information System1599 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION: A Hospital Information System (HIS) refers to the information system used in hospitals for efficiently managing a huge data generated all-round the year. It deals with monitoring of the health status, provision of different services, drug stocks and consumption patterns, equipment status and availability, Finances and revenue management. Thus, a HIS can be installed in order to manage any of these. These systems help the hospitals in keeping an accurate, relevant and up to date informationRead MoreMy First Clinical Day At Saint Barnabas Hospital Essay794 Words   |  4 Pagesan interior designer for one of her unit where here main office is located. We laughed and joked about it. Other mangers and physicians commended her on being able to still effectively managing her unit through all the chaos. The reality of it was that the unit needed to be altered to meet patient centered care and also equipment had to be positioned a certain way along with the nurses’ station being re located so that nurses will be able to access them better. Before this day, I had not realizedRead MoreReporting Practices and Ethics Paper996 Words   |  4 PagesFinancial management is very crucial in today’s health care financial procedures. It is one the most important aspects of the financial health care. There are many assessments made- based the financial records and the business transactions that occur within the health care organization. It is crucial the financial records are kept up- to -date and they follow specific guidelines. The books kept up- to- date and in order, this will show the amount of money being brought into the organization for profitRead MoreChanging Health Care Policy Changes1004 Words   |  5 PagesCHANGES IN HEALTH POLICY Changes in Health Policy Terri Obey Kaplan University Unit 6 August 12, 2015 Abstract When contemplating health care policy changes, several economic issues in health care must be considered. These include the financial issues affecting the health sector and have an impact on health policies. Policy makers face unending challenges due to the health sector revenues that are always rising. Another challenge is decreased funding and failure of the health insurance

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The Inequality And Health Care - 1107 Words

Introduction The United States is world renowned for having the best health care if not the most accessible. Citizens have at their disposal a plethora of hospitals, physicians, and therapists to improve their well-being. Statistical data was taken back in 2010 under the Central Texas Region and studied health care coverage and income in regards to the community. The data displayed in the surveys heavily suggest that income/ health in general have a high correlation. The issue that arose with the given data imply that those who are on the lower end of the income spectrum subsequently have no health care coverage and poorer health than those with higher income. In any case with high correlation there are a number of factors influencing the statistical evidence, and in this case sociological barriers are present in regards of inequality and health care. Data Data was taken from the Central Texas Region and 3 tables were drawn breaking down the factors of health and income. The evidence suggest that for Central Texas residents surveyed making $35,000 or less had a higher percentage of being uninsured. This correlates with economic status and jobs such as blue collar workers as opposed to those white collar occupations, specifically those in the community averaging a yearly income of $15,000 - $35,000 had no health care coverage of approximately 30%. Upon further analyzing the second graph the number 1 reason the community suggested at 30% for not having health care coverageShow MoreRelatedHealth Inequalities And Universal Health Care1259 Words   |  6 PagesPetrovic 02 Dec, 2014 Health Inequalities in US and Universal Health Care as a Solution Health inequality is one of the social inequalities that may cost the lives of people unless backed by corrective policies. Universal health care is one of those tools by which we correct disparities in health care utilization and insure the health of the fellow citizens. World health Organization (WHO) defined Universal health care, also universal health coverage as â€Å"a specific type of health care coverage of all peopleRead MoreEssay Ethnic Inequality in Health Care1723 Words   |  7 Pagesof this essay is to firstly give an overview of the existence of inequalities of health related to ethnicity, by providing some evidence that ethnic inequality in health is a reality in the society and include definitions of keywords. Secondly, I will bring forward arguments for and against on the major sociological explanations (racial discrimination, arefact, access to and quality of care) for the existence of health inequalities related to ethnicity. Thirdly, I would also like to take the knowledgeRead MoreSocial Inequalities in Health Care Essay2624 Words   |  11 PagesSocial inequalities in contemporary society Learning Outcomes: 1) Explore the nature of contemporary society 2) Analyse how social inequalities influence the life chances and health of individuals To completely understand our changing society, we must look at the history of change we have gone through. To do this we must identify the changing factorsRead MoreEssay on Aversive Racism and Inequality in Health Care631 Words   |  3 PagesRacism and Inequality in Health Care   Aversive Racism and Inequality in Health Care: Kenisha Wilkerson Walden University Socioeconomic conditions of persons and the places where they live and work do strongly influence their health. In the United States, as elsewhere, the risk for mortality, morbidity, unhealthy behaviors, reduced access to health care and poor quality of care increases with decreasing socioeconomic circumstances (CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report, 2011)Read MoreEssay on The Inequality in Health Care Bases on Race and Ethnicity2245 Words   |  9 Pagesgov/minorityhealth/populations/remp.html ). Quality medical care is something that every person no matter what race they are should have access to. Research shows that there are great inequities in medical care due to one’s race. This has been a problem throughout history and it continues to today in the overall quality of medical care that minorities receive. In the past however, in addition to poor medical care, there were extreme examples of abuse of minorities by medical care professionals. People of the minorityRead MorePrimary Health Care - Indigenous Australian Inequalities Essay2104 Words   |  9 PagesPage 1 The World Health Organisation (World Health Organisation, 2008) states that the indigenous peoples of Australia are one of the most disadvantaged indigenous groups in the developed world. The health of the Indigenous population of Australia is an increasingly pressing issue. Current research and statistics reveals great inequality in many areas of health care and health status between the Aboriginal peo ple and the general population of Australia. Couzos and Murray (2008, p. 29) report thatRead MoreWorld Social Policies And Health Care Policy And Inequality Policy1460 Words   |  6 Pagesaddress poverty, housing, health care, unemployment, and the lack of education. Each governing body strive to improve the life expectancy of their citizens by implementing policies that would provide access to, delivering and allocating, and refining resources within the communities for the betterment of the people. The state welfare and public practice within a governmental and / or political setting varies with each area of concern; mainly with the health care and inequality (unemployment and homelessness)Read MoreHow Key Elements, Communication And Inequalities Of Health, Deliver Person Centered Care Within The Field Of Radiography3054 Words   |  13 Pageselements, communication and inequalities in health, deliver person-centered care within the field of radiography Person centered care (PCC) is an approach that was developed by Dr Carl Roger (1960). Healthcare systems around the world have been transformed in order to develop services that are focused on offering more patient centered care. However Robinson et al (2008) identified that PPC is difficult to implement in healthcare, due to its lack of clear definition. The health foundation defines PCCRead MoreThe injustice in health care1425 Words   |  6 PagesGAC0013 Assessment Event 4: Reading and writing Essay The injustice in health care Student’s Name: Jessie Student ID: QING24958 Teacher: Lynken Ghose Due Date: 27/08/2013 Word Count: 1350 Partner’s Name: Sylvia Question: â€Å"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane† (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Do you agree with this statement? Write an essay persuading readers of your point of view. Support your argument with evidence from appropriate sourcesRead MorePublic Policy Of Globalization On Canada Essay1692 Words   |  7 Pagesworking conditions which shape health. The social determinants of heath shape material, psychosocial, and behavioral routes. However, stages of life like, genetics, early life, and cultural factors are some components that influence health. The Canadian welfare state shape public policies enhance the social determinants in Canada and the low quality and the inequitably distributed throughout the nation. There are several different factors that revolve around inequality health policy disputes that needs

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Soccer - 618 Words

| Tax Research Project I | October 30, 2013 | | Molly Curry | ACCT-310-01 | | Facts: After Maria and Tatsuo are divorced, their two children continue to live with Maria. Pursuant to their divorce decree, Tatsuo pays Maria $1,000 per month in child support and $1,800 per month in alimony. The divorce decree specifies that in the event of a court ordered increase in child support, the alimony payment amount will decrease by the amount of the child support increase. That is, Tatsuo’s total monthly payment cannot exceed $2,800. Issues: How much of each payment is considered alimony? Does the change in child support have an effect on the amount of alimony received? Conclusion: Generally, child support is not†¦show more content†¦Such events that are included are: the child’s attaining a specified age or income level, dying, marrying, leaving school, leaving the spouse’s household, or gaining employment. Whether such event is certain or likely to occur is not considered in determining the contingency. A similar case to Maria’s is presented in the court case, Heller v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 1994-423 (1994). Heller (the petitioner) received certain payments from her former husband, some of which were designated as spousal support and the remaining were designated as child support. Heller received $1,700 per month as spousal support, none of which was reported on her tax return. The divorce instrument stated that future spousal support would be reduced by any court mandated increase in child support. The Court cited Sec. 71 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code and said that the provision which allows spousal support to be decreased by future court mandated increases in child support is not considered a contingency related to a child. The Court then ruled that the payments received by the petitioner for spousal support should have been included in her tax return and constitutes taxable alimony. Maria’s situation is similar to the Heller case. The increase in child support from a court-order is not considered a contingency related to a child and does not decrease alimony. Therefore, as it was also noted in Treasury Regulations Sec. 1.71 – 1TShow MoreRelatedSoccer Influence1686 Words   |  7 PagesThe Influence of Soccer Since its conception, soccer continues to dominate the global sports scene. As of 2015, 265 million people play soccer in the world. This widely known game was invented two centuries ago in England and quickly became one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer is also exceptionally influential in the political world. The sport has the capability to spark war and bring peace to entire nations. Along with its effects on the political world, soccer is also a considerableRead MoreEssay on The Embodiment of Suspense in Soccer997 Words   |  4 Pagesreasoning, yet it still captivates me nonetheless. Soccer, or football, as most of the world knows it, stands out—at least to me—from virtually all sports. My opinion may be biased after a decade of playing, but there is a good reason I stuck with it for so long. While playing, I found myself to become so impassioned with not just the obvious, drawn-out goals of the game, but also with the paralyzing suspense present in no other sport quite as it is in soccer. I find it to be equally as exciting play asRead MoreSoccer: From the Native Americans to the American Soccer League549 Words   |  2 PagesOne of the most popular sports of all time is soccer. There are more kids in the United States playing soccer than any other sport. The history of US soccer goes back to the early sixteen-hundreds. In this essay you will learn about how pilgrims saw Native Americans playing soccer, the rise and fall of the American Soccer League, and how influential players have helped mold the sport. The history of soccer has paved the way for US soccer players like Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey who willRead MoreThe Houston Dynamo : An American Professional Soccer Club1719 Words   |  7 Pages Description of the Company The Houston Dynamo, founded in 2005 in Houston, is an American professional soccer club that has gained popularity within the past few years through an increased interest in soccer on a national level. The explanation of the team’s name derives from the meaning of the word Dynamo- â€Å"someone who never fatigues, never gives up.† In 2006 and 2007 the Houston Dynamo were the MLS Cup winners. Five years later during their 2011 season, the Houston Dynamo moved from the EasternRead MoreThe Reality Of Women s Soccer1559 Words   |  7 PagesIsabel Cesarotti Dr. Barron ENC 1101 12 September 2016 The Reality of Women’s Soccer One of the clearest memories I have is of the day when my mom sat me down, looked me in the eye and said to me that as a women in this world, I was going to have to work ten times harder as any man to command respect. She told me that as a woman in this world, there are certain inevitabilities I have to accept. The main one is that life is unfair. She said that accomplishments are inevitably going to be handedRead MoreThe U.S. Soccer or Football1437 Words   |  6 PagesINTRO In the U.S soccer or football hasnt caught on quite just yet. Even though the American people have had recent success like in the 2002 World Cup and the 2009 Confederations Cup. Though extremely popular in European countries, soccer took a long time to gain momentum in the United States because Americans put more money and attention into other sports like baseball, football, and basketball. Soccer eventually became popular in the 1970s, but then lost popularity again when the National LeagueRead MoreSoccer : Soccer And Soccer1589 Words   |  7 Pages Elijah Bowers Ms. Kelly Lepsig English IV 28 October 2016 Soccer History and Soccer Athletes When I was 11, I joined a youth soccer league thinking that it was going to be the easiest sport i ever played. I soon came to realize that this was not the case. Soccer was more challenging than I thought. So that s why i Quit and played Baseball. I think I made the right decision. Soccer is the world s most popular sport.(according to rankings) It is the national sport of most EuropeanRead MoreThe Soccer Of A Soccer956 Words   |  4 Pages I been playing soccer since I was five years old and I never been in a fight while playing or seeing one. That changed when I moved to Fargo. I was born in Kenya and raised there. My family and I moved to the United State in 2008. We lived in Memphis, TN for a couple of months and we moved to Portland, Maine. I have passionate for the sport of soccer. I play other sports such as basketball and football, but I enjoy playing soccer the most. I played soccer my four years of High School and itRead MoreThe Culture Of Soccer Is More Than Just Articles1285 Words   |  6 PagesThe culture of soccer is more than just articles written in sport pages, or rumors about players been transferred from one club to another. It includes a bigger picture that covers many different social, political and economic aspects of the game. In countries where the sport is not that relevant, people refer to it as soccer. In others where the sport is very popular and has been around for a long time, it is r eferred to as football. When it comes to the sport, there are two very different ideasRead MoreThe Sport Of Soccer And Soccer981 Words   |  4 Pages Soccer is, without a doubt, the best and the most beloved sport in the world but nobody would think that this astounding sport was hated by the place where it was originated, the America. Soccer is the worldwide sport with huge majority of subscribers all over the world. Unlike soccer, football is mainly an American sport which only attracts the Americans. But why American peoples hate soccer? There are a lot of debates that goes on regards with football and soccer. Whenever the controversy between

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Understanding Motivation, Debunking The Motivation Myth

Understanding Motivation, Debunking the Motivation Myth By Tao De Haas | Submitted On March 01, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook 2 Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon 1 Share this article on Delicious 1 Share this article on Digg 1 Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Tao De Haas Motivation comes from the word move and means to move . Motivation literally means; that which moves a person to a course of action. Motivation indicates a movement that is initiated by a reason or purpose. This is an important point to understand; having a reason and purpose will activate motivation. For example, it is hard to move towards something if you can t see any reason or purpose. In other words you need a motif or good reason as to why you would put in the effort and to create some momentum and move from where you currently are. If you are keen to do something you are more likely to be motivated; you don t have to try, you will just want do it. Remember also that you might have a reason and purpose to NOT be motivated; in that case you won t to move . Move away or towards? At the core we humans are very simple creatures. We either move away from something or towards something courtesy of the brain. The brain is designed to move towards reward or pleasure and move away from pain. Like anyShow MoreRelatedSociety s Preconceptions And The Concept Of The Poor : Fact Or Fiction? Essay2536 Words   |  11 Pagesthemselves.† (21) From his perspective, Gilder would have us to believe that the poor are characteristically lazy, and that the welfare system is responsible for taking away their incentive and drive to be productive. Harre 2 In the same article, the myths are again given support by Ralph Segalman and David Marsland. Babbie summarizes their combined opinions on the state of welfare like this, â€Å"The welfare state nations, by and large, have given up on the concept of client rehabilitation for self-sufficiencyRead MoreThe Theory Of Reading Difficulties1665 Words   |  7 Pagesall subjects, therefore, dyslexia can create difficulties with other skills such as spelling, reading, writing, and math. Students will not be able to comprehend subjects at the same pace as their peers if they do not receive proper education. Understanding dyslexia is a vital factor in the education system because it is necessary that adults can detect when a child is struggling with learning comprehension. Many people incorrectly identify dyslexia as being strictly ADHD, though, diagnosis tendsRead MoreAre We Understand The Poor With An Unbiased Opinion? Essay2469 Words   |  10 Pagesthe poor. We have begun to develop a certain bias, or social stigma, that get passed along in the conversations and embedded in the minds of the general public. George Gilder is one of the voices that we can credit with strengthening some of these myths. Earl Babbie tells us of Gilder’s position that is portrayed in his work about the nature of poverty when he summarizes Gilder’s opinion as this, â€Å"the poor are the poor mainly because they refuse to work, saying the welfare system saps their incentiveRead MoreCritically Evaluate the Role of Leaders and Managers Contributes to Employee Motivation and Engagement Within Organisations2115 Words   |  9 PagesCritically evaluate the role of leaders and managers contributes to employee motivation and engagement within organisations Introduction As Anderson says (2010), organizational success not only requires project managers not only handle projects, but also lead employees. Managers and leaders must possess knowledge, skills, tools, and experiences therefore employees will to follow them. For organization, to gain and sustain employees can not only create value and high levels of performance, but alsoRead MoreBook Summary of the Use and Abuse of Biology2361 Words   |  10 PagesSahlins reveals his true worries that culture can be usurped as an independent super-organism directing all human thought, emotion and behavior and this in turn undermines the prestige or importance of cultural anthropology (His early work focuses on debunking the idea of economically rational man). Sahlins de-constructs the interpretation of human societies performed by certain of the most eminent individuals such as sociobiologists. He argues that certain elements of human nature and civilization cannotRead MoreHow Ethical Leadership is Associa ted with Employee Output and Organizational Culture1957 Words   |  8 Pagesto take in specific situations (2009). The greatest form of ethical reasoning, according to Rest, is about values like justice, cooperation, and respect for others in the organization (2009). A close link with justice is the component of moral motivation. In this aspect it refers to actually following through on the ethical choices made. Following through on moral choices supersedes standards of security, wealth and social acceptance (2009) and instead goes into the sphere of morals and principlesRead MoreEmployee Engagement4674 Words   |  19 Pagesapplicable, incentives, should be visually seen by the team. They may have them up in a common area wherein they can be updated on a weekly basis. They may also have the information on the Intranet for easy access and this gives the employee the motivation and a sense of being kept informed of the progress of their teams. 2.3 Market Visits Derek Channon in his article, Management by Walking About says that this style of management by the MD is identified with corporate excellence. He statesRead MoreEthical Leadership Is Mostly About Leadership Integrity2938 Words   |  12 Pagesethical leadership, beside leadership integrity. Leaders with high emotional intelligence are able to stimulate an ethical organisation by openly communicating about ethical issues, gaining motivation, and increase ethical awareness. Ethical leaders who have high emotional intelligence are also very trusting, understanding, engaging and have the ability to inspire others (Gregory 2010). Such leaders develop a strong set of empathy and interpersonal skills, as well as people oriented skills. They are thenRead MoreIdentity And The Search For The Self Among The Sub Continental Diaspora10173 Words   |  41 Pagesâ€Å"All the world is not, of course, a stage, but the crucial ways in which isn’t are not easy to specify† (Goffman, 1 959: 72). Identity works as a conduit linking social structure with individual action. Thus, understanding and prediction of the individual behaviour depends upon understanding the relationship between the individual self and the social structure. While society assigns roles to the self, the self creates Social Behaviour. (Stryker, 1980: 385) Following this Caller mentions that (CallerRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pages . . . . 36 Conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 3—Change—The Innovative Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Factors Promoting Change . . . . . . . Empowerment—An Agent of Change Paradigm Shift—Myth or Reality . . . Organizing for Change . . . . . . . . . . . Diagnosing Change . . . . . . . . . . . . . Libraries as Open Systems . . . . . . . Resistance to Change . . . . . . . . . . . Conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Business Research Tools Free Essays

Research is often conducted in the business industry to gauge how the market is doing and predict the economy’s future. There are several tools that can help individuals do their business research. From qualitative research and general steps of research to the proper use of questionnaires and ethics, all are helpful in gathering data, forming conclusions based on the evidence collected, and producing honest results. We will write a custom essay sample on Business Research Tools or any similar topic only for you Order Now Understanding these tools will be effective in the different fields of business studies. Introduction here are different types of research studies conducted to reach an outcome. These include descriptive research, explanatory research, and predictive research. Based on Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students (2014), descriptive research is merely describing occurrences, but does not explain why it is happening. It is usually the starting point of a research project. Explanatory research describes occurrences and provides the reason behind it. Finally, predictive research explains behavior while predicting future behaviors caused by changes that have occurred related to a specific phenomenon. All parts of these three research types are practiced today in most research findings. With business research, it aims to find solutions to the business environment, which typically involves the price of commodity, predicting sales for a particular product, understanding about market behavior, and marketing strategies to achieve a goal (Adams, Raeside, and Khan, 2014). To accomplish this task, researchers use qualitative research, questionnaires, general steps of research, and ethics to organize their study. Qualitative Research Historically, most business researchers practiced scientific and quantitative research methods. It was considered the norm, as it allowed people to manipulate observable evidence and evaluate it through the use of quantitative and statistical analysis. Today, qualitative research is also used. Alf Walle (2015), author of Qualitative Research in Business: A Practical Overview, states that qualitative research allows individuals to gather data and analyze its natural setting, wherein it focuses upon people’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, and so forth. There is less manipulation that occurs and more observations that take place using this method. Essentially, it is useful in studying certain behaviors or patterns that preempts motives and goals, which are not directly observed. Commonly, this tool is beneficial in business statistics and making applied decisions. Instead of presenting research as a black and white perspective, researchers can study evidence further and interpret results from their studies (Walle, 2015). Unfortunately, qualitative research can only do so much. It is impossible to gather data from all populations and guarantee a successful outcome. When dealing with surveys, focus groups, and interviews, there are possibilities of inaccurate responses as well as misrepresentations of thoughts and actions. In some occasions, researchers tend to become personally involved with participants during interviews, which can be time-consuming. Nonetheless, this close contact may often result in an invaluable â€Å"insider’s view.† Questionnaires Questionnaires are another tool that individuals may use for conducting business research. According to Waidi (2018), author of â€Å"Employment of Questionnaire as Tool for Effective Business Research Outcome: Problems and Challenges,† a questionnaire has to be â€Å"adequate, simple, focused and related to the subject.† This guideline allows one to test hypotheses after formulating questions for a particular study. By definition, questionnaires are a â€Å"systematic list of questions† designed to draw responses and information from people about certain events, their feelings, values, and beliefs (Waidi, 2018). It is often intended for gathering data and information through a set of questions. Usually, this tool is beneficial in helping managers make decisions based on the quality information provided. Through the analysis of information and scientific gathering, market changes can be predicted and can direct an organization towards more profitable activities. Furthermore, companies are able to gain a better understanding of customers’ decisions and buying patterns. However, if questionnaires are improperly managed or poorly prepared, then the results produced might not be effective. The data provided will most likely be unreliable and can hinder researchers in analyzing and predicting market behavior. Economics Research Process In terms of economics, there are general steps of research usually followed, as stated by Nicodim Liliana, Duica Mircea, and Manolache Dorin Claudiu in â€Å"Research Tools and Steps Used in Economics Science – Theoretical Approach† (2018). The first step is to define an object and form a research question. The second step is to identify the problem and formulate a questionnaire. The third and fourth steps involve empirical observation and interpretation of data and then developing a conclusion. Lastly, a presentation of research results is shown and open for judgment, potentially suggesting a new research process in case challenging conditions is found. This method is appropriate in identifying possible deficiencies of a research study and can possibly pinpoint key areas that may strengthen it as well. Sadly, it can also be time-consuming and may require a trial and error process to achieve specific results. Still, this is advantageous in the field of economic sciences for real-life situations faced by managers and practitioners, as it guides them to thoroughly examine their research. Ethics Application When conducting business research, people must learn to identify the importance of ethics. Several ethical issues arise in value-free research, despite the methods that are used and the context applied. Michelle Wallace and Neroli Sheldon (2018), in their journal article â€Å"Business Research Ethics: Participant Observer Perspectives,† describe some main areas that highlight a probable risk and compromised principles include: close personal contact with participants, associations of research design and involvement in participants, and troubles of applicants in understanding risks of their research along with the benefits to the participating individual. By understanding ethics and culture, genuine and better results are produced and aligned with the four principles of ethical conduct the principle of justice, principle of merit, principle of integrity, and principle of respect. It is important for individuals to ensure that their research process is just and honest. In business, there are possibilities of fraud or false information provided by many companies. To avoid this situation, ethics is practiced. Applying the essence of ethical conducts can create truth and integrity in an individual’s work. For example, when doing a random sampling of a specific population, individuals should not select people whom they already know because that goes against the method of random sampling. By knowing how to recognize risks of conducting research, researchers are able to be more careful with how to present their findings. Ultimately, it will produce a sense of integrity and respect. The only limitation of this tool is that people are not fully aware of their actions at times, which may lead to incorrect methods of conducting their research. They may sometimes get attached with participants of their study unintentionally, possibly producing some kind of bias. Conclusion Generally, there are a variety of tools useful in conducting business research. Some of them are frequently found in qualitative research, such as surveys, interviews, and forum groups while others include questionnaires, general steps of research, and proper use of ethics. These tools are all advantageous in collecting information in an appropriate manner and generating positive end-results. Moreover, they keep researchers consistent with their work by reminding them of what standards need to be followed. Through the use of business research tools, individuals learn to gather evidence efficiently, remain objective, and be more accepting of criticisms concerning their research, hoping to develop an impartial and successful study. References Adams, J., Raeside, R., Khan, H. A. (2014).  Research methods for business and social science students. New Delhi: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. Retrieved from on September 08, 2018. Liliana, N., Mircea, D., Claudiu, M. D. (2018). Research tools and steps used in economics science – theoretical approach.  Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series, XVIII(1), 223-226. Retrieved from on September 08, 2018. Waidi, A. A. (2016). Employment of questionnaire as tool for effective business research outcome: Problems and challenges. Global Economic Observer, 4, 136-144. Retrieved from on September 14, 2018. Wallace, M., Sheldon, N. (2015). Business research ethics: Participant observer perspectives. Journal Of Business Ethics, 128(2), 267-277. doi:10.1007/s10551-014-2102-2. Retrieved from on September 04, 2018. Walle, A. H. (2015). Qualitative research in business: A practical overview. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Retrieved from on September 04, 2018. How to cite Business Research Tools, Papers

Nikes and Barbies free essay sample

Am I a Barbie doll? No. I’ve realized this when I discovered the power of my Nikes. Barbie is engineered by marketing professionals to wear high heels every day of her life; this means it would be impossible for her to wear a pair of Nike shoes. I have molded my Nikes to my feet. To be able to put my feet in a pair of high heels would be intimidating. Have you ever heard of Barbie going on missionary trips to help other in foreign countries? Or spending her Saturday advocating to rights of women and minorities? As far as I know, this has not happened. I never had a Barbie doll as a young child, instead my mother made sure I had a nice pair of shoes or a book in my hand. There was just something about Barbie that did not interest me at all. Growing up I remember getting CD’s or books for Christmas, not some plastic doll with long, luxurious blonde hair, and perfect measurements. We will write a custom essay sample on Nikes and Barbies or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Yes, Barbie is an inspiration to most of us. She teaches a lot of individuals great marketing skills, and stands for the capitalism America is known for, whether this is a good thing is up to you. I was disappointed when I dissected Barbie one day and discovered that there was absolutely nothing inside. Barbie was empty, uninteresting, and I automatically lost interest. I mentioned that Barbie does not wear Nike shoes. How would this fact help you learn more about me? When I lace up my Nike running shoes, I feel invincible, or as if I could concur the world instantly. I think it has to do with the stories my mother told me as a child. Saving lives every day of her life at a major hospital in our small town; she wears scrubs and comfortable sneakers, and putting everyone else before herself. The stories told to me have been a great inspiration to me. She made me think about all of the things that really I am capable of doing. She was the one who gave me my first pair of Nike running shoes and planted in them was the power of invincibility. To this day I wear my Nike running shoes everywhere except to anything non-conventional. I like to look outside of the box when observing things. Barbie’s existence and imagination depends on the plastic box that surrounds her. This is very boring. Life is to be experienced from all perspectives. Live outsi de of the box, because you only have one life to live, why not make the best out of it. Never once in my life did I expect to run in a 5K marathon. Through tenancy, faith, and perseverance, I was not only able to fulfill this dream, but also do more in my life. Due to success in some athletics such as track, I began to sense that my team mates were not motivated like they had been at the beginning of the year. I knew I’d had Jesus in my life to help motivate me and help me keep confidence in myself for anything I do or have done. This motivated me to start an Fellowship of Christian Athletes team at my school early in the morning, hoping would help them and myself become closer to Jesus Christ and the other team mates also. The goal with starting this organization was to help motivate athletes to come closer to Jesus, and build confidence in themselves and help their team mates stay motivated, positive, and become closer to Jesus. Having this organization at my school became a huge impact on many athletes. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is still running st rong and many non-athletes became closer to Jesus through FCA. Just the other day I had one of my female team mates come up to me and said, â€Å"I don’t know if I believe in God.† I have helped someone overcome their fear of not having faith in God and what he is powerful of doing. It’s amazing what one simple book can do. Jesus is always there, no matter how you may think of Him, and He is always willing for you to come into His life and praise Him. When I look around at the girls at my school, I wonder which girls spent a lot of time with Barbie growing up. These may be the girls who are always concerned about what they look like on the outside and not about what’s inside. The ones who worry about what dress they’re going to wear than whether they will graduate from high school. The ones who worry about dating the guy with the newest car, when right down the street guys are worrying about where they are going to get their next meal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bitter, or even envious. I am proud of who I am, I am proud to be a girl who always wears those original Nike running shoes. I am proud to try to be that invincible, revolutionary girl who wears her Nike running shoes.

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Running Head: NOISE CONTROL; RADON AND UV-RADIATION TUI UNIVERSITY Timothy N. Tarrant Module 5: BHE 314 Environmental Health and Safety Dr. Rania Sabty-Daily 15 September 2008 Abstract The first purpose of this paper is to discuss the public health effects that may result in a community exposed to noise produced by a night club and to describe the restrictions you would I would recommend the city requires the new nightclub meets before granting an approval. The following scenario will be used: I have been notified that there is a case before City Council to approve a new nightclub in my neighborhood. The club owners have a reputation for being insensitive to those who live nearby in the community. The second purpose of this paper is to identify potential human health risks associated with living in a home where radon gas levels may be high. Additionally, I will identify methods available to test for radon gas in the home and list corrective/remediation measures that can be taken to reduce radon levels in the home. The following scenario will be used: Radon gas emits Alpha particles which may cause lung cancer if inhaled by an individual. Friends of yours are purchasing a new home in an area where you understand that radon gas may be common. NOISE CONTROL Almost everyone is familiar with water and air pollution and the environmental concerns associated with them. However, noise pollution is also of concern as our cities continue to grow at an alarming rate. It seams as if whenever you venture out into the public you are forced to endure a variety of community noises. Have you ever sat down to enjoy dinner or a movie and have been interrupted by the sound of a loud train or plane? Well, these deep rumblings are similar to the sounds that will be produced by the nightclub that wants to operate within our community. "Some types of indoor concerts and discotheques can produce extremely high sound pressure levels. Associated noise problems outdoors result from customers arriving and leaving. Outdoor concerts, fireworks and various types of festivals can also produce intense noise. The general problem of access to festivals and leisure activity sites often adds to road traffic noise problems. Severe hearing impairment may also arise from intense sound produced as music in headphones or from children's toys." (WHO, 1999) Hearing impairment is the most often thought about health effect from noise pollution; however, there is a variety of health effects on the human body associated with increased noise emissions that people don't think about. These effects include: stress, hypertension, changes in heart rate, hypercholesterolemia, and/or excessive secretion of hormones. Noise also disturbs sleep, upsets our mental health, and even poses a danger to childhood development. Arlene L. Bronzaft, a member of the New York's Council on the Environment, stated, "I get many calls related to noise and most assuredly these people are very much troubled by the noises, whether from a loud, noisy neighborhood bar or a neighbor who refuses to keep the stereo low. The anguish these people express clearly speaks to a "poorer stat of mind." (Bronzaft, 1996) People exposed to noise during the night often turn to the use of sedatives or sleeping pills to fall asleep. Individuals in the community that are especially prone to sleep disturbances from noises that may emanate from a nightclub include the elderly and shift workers. (WHO, 1999) My recommendations to the City Council would be to recommend approval of the license for the operation of the nightclub only if they comply with certain restrictions. First and foremost I would recommend that the club is designed to be soundproof to inside noise so that noise that escapes the club will be minimal to the community surroundings. Then, I would make it mandatory for the club to install limiters on all amplified systems to limit low frequency noise. Additionally, I would require that the club keep door to the entrance of the club closed unless patrons are actively entering or exiting the establishment and the club should provide 10 square feet of indoor waiting space for patrons waiting to gain access to the club. This will limit the amount of noise that actually escapes the club. "The Office of Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) identifies 90 decibels (dB) based on an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA) as the absolute "safe" level of noise exposure. This 90dB concentration is referred to as the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for noise exposure. Any eight-hour TWA exceeding 90dB